Solving the BYOD challenge

Solving the BYOD challenge

Access Anywhere. Anytime.

The ‘Bring Your Own Device’ approach is building momentum and gaining popularity from employers and employees alike. Companies and facility mangers from the resource sector have been adapting BYOD capabilities for their workforce for many reasons.

It makes sense though, doesn’t it? The way we consume information, entertainment and stay connected is now dominated by the mobile device and we’ve all got them. So, then the question is why do we need separate devices for work?

Benefits of BYOD

Employees are familiar with their own devices and the BYOD strategy has merits to increasing productivity and efficiencies for both the company and the employee. It’s claimed to heighten morale and for individuals, who don’t want the hassle of changing to new unfamiliar devices to do their job, it’s seen as a perk.

So, what’s the risk?

Don’t lose the personal touch

Whilst there are numerous benefits to BYOD companies and facility managers can lose the personal touch and the importance of engaging and involving workers with company information and notices. This no longer needs to be the case.

Our latest innovation allows you to communicate tailored site information to your or your client’s workforce with the Swift app. Our app provides you with a company branded virtual compendium. Share the company mission, provide project and company updates, deliver and monitor online training and promote onsite events and activities.

Notices and information can be updated and posted in minutes from a simple and easy to use online console. Site management can efficiently create updates to help make employees feel welcome, informed, included and connected from the moment they step on-site. Give on-site staff the ultimate sense of connectedness and belonging.

Safety is paramount

In a high-risk environment, it is imperative to have a healthy workforce both physically and mentally. We understand that this is more vital in the resources and maritime sector than in any other sector. Our system is reflective of this and ensures your crew or workforce have 24/7 access to all the safety information, inductions and videos they need.

Swift also provides well being content from Beyond Blue to help your workforce achieve their best possible mental health and support those around them.

It’s not all about entertainment, but we’ve got that too

Following the implementation of onsite BYOD the natural next step is to explore entertainment options for your workforce to make the best of downtime onsite.

The Swift App offers the latest releases from Hollywood’s largest studios as well as on demand TV shows and countless hours of other entertainment enabling staff to watch thousands of hours of entertainment on their own phone and tablet. Swift provides content from Warner Bros, FOX, Dreamworks and many, many more. They can search for titles or browse through categories to enjoy the best in entertainment…right now.

Typically, a bring your own device strategy often results in costly and congested internet bandwidth but with the Swift App content is stored and distributed locally delivering instant access to entertainment without the data costs. Once signed up, simply download the Swift App from the IOS or Android store and connect.

Whether you are a Facility Manager, owner or end customer, the Swift App is exactly what you have been looking for.

Swift provide communications and entertainment to the resource sector with the mission of keeping people connected when in isolated and remote regions. Our focus is instant access and better experiences.

For more information on the benefits of the Swift App call us today 08 6103 7595 or email