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Making life easier for residents and carers. Swift’s interactive portal delivers prime movies, TV, music, media, world news, local information, secure messaging and more! Operating on any device from android to IOS mobile devices, smart TVs or via a set-top box, Swift provides a 5-star experience that connects your residents to their world and streamlines the time and communications for your team.


From planning through to build and support. Swift design, scope and deliver networks and digital ecosystems tailored to your objectives.


Curated content and communication tools to help make life easier for residents and carers.


Premium content and a 5 star entertainment platform is just part of the BIG picture.

Keeping residents and families connected


Game changing in the Aged Care industry, My Family allows the family and friends of your residents to send photos and messages directly to the TV screen of their loved ones. Whether it’s the grandchildren’s school play or opening presents on Christmas day, photos and messages can be sent direct to the TV screen from anywhere in the world.


My Community brings your residents together by promoting activities taking place at your facility and in the local community. Residents have access to a communal noticeboard where photos and messages from staff, friends and the broader community can be shared. Delivered direct to resident TV screens, My Community keeps residents connected and helps share the latest in activities, events and celebrations.

Making it easier to stay in touch

The Aged Care industry is evolving with Australia’s aging population. Aged Care providers need to meet the high demands and expectations of residents and their families. Swift’s digital platform is the perfect solution — keeping residents entertained and connected to their loved ones — creating a sense of community within aged care facilities.  Guests are able to access what they need all through the use of a simple remote designed especially by Swift for the Aged Care sector.

By enhancing the lives of residents, Swift Media helps give Aged Care facilities a greater sense of community. Raising the standard of living of residents in turn raises the quality and capabilities of the facilities themselves. In doing this, we help break down the barrier of isolation that surrounds many people as they transition into the next chapter of their life.

Through connectivity, education and entertainment, Swift maintain the quality of life that many guests worry they will lose when entering Aged Care.

Swift enhance Aged Care facilities with the same premium content and entertainment enjoyed by 5-star hospitality clients. More than this, our unique platform offers specific content and communication tools for the Aged Care sector — engaging, curated content that promotes happiness and a healthy lifestyle: Virtual travel, trivia, relaxation videos, chair based exercises, dementia specific content, music therapy, classic cinema and more!

Aged Care Specific Content

The Swift system provides curated content to help with a healthy lifestyle. Virtual travel, trivia, relaxation videos, chair based exercises, dementia specific content, music therapy, classic cinema and more!

Technical Support

Swift provides a variety of options for technical support to best support the needs of your business and residents.

My Family

For residents and their loved ones. Residents send and recieve text, video or photo messages with people that matter in their world.

My Community

Swift brings your residents together by promoting activities taking place at your facility and near by areas. Residents can have personal messages from staff delivered individually to their TV screens and get notifications about events, like a morning tea taking place that day or photos from a recent birthday celebration.

Scrolling Photo Album

Images of family and loved ones rotated on your residents screen. These images are automayically updatyed by the “My Family” app.

Aged Care Specific Remote

A remote control designed with specific requiremnents of the aged care environment in mind.

Premium entertainment

Latest release premium movies, vintage cinema, a huge library of Hollywood entertainment and TV, with every episode of your favourite shows. A world of premium content to explore.

International radio stations

Engaging audio entertainment from around the world, for residents who are visually impaired or prefer non-English languages.